Web Design and Presentations

XpertLink Sample Works

Here you can find samples of websites and animated presentations developed by XpertLink for various clients

Creative Design

XpertLink offers a range of styles and tools is available to implement modern, highly effective designs

Web Implementation

XpertLink us using the latest WordPress technology extended with a set of dynamic web tools

SEO Infrastructure

Once design is fully implemented, SEO-readiness is established using the latest techniques

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Starting with verified targets and content design, a prototype is provided verifying agreed upon site layout. Then a styling decision making takes place, taking into account customer's taste and preferences. 


About Me

Chaim Bechor

WordPress Dev.

I am an avid WordPress developer focusing on complex, dynamically driven sites. I am also fond of design excellence and track steadily the latest trends and techniques.

My preference is for sites built with Page Builders, specifically Elementor, as it provides customers the freedom to continue and develop content without a massive base of coding know-how.

In my free time, I dedicate time to computer generated music and my acoustic guitar.